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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Worried about teen sexuality?

Here's news on the next training session for Theology of the Body for Teens (an effective chastity program for middle schoolers [ages 11-15] and high schoolers [ages 15-18]). Dates are August 12-13 in Chicago. See here for more information:

Let me tell you this: Four years ago, I was very, very skeptical about this program, and that is putting it gently. No longer. I now consider myself a fervent convert. The reason? I have seen too many good fruits coming from this and -- very important -- no bad fruits. If you want your adolescents or teens to know why God created them, why chastity is not a white knuckle experience but a joyful gift, and what it really means to love (per the Church's definition of love), whether a friend, relative, or spouse, get this program implemented in your home, school, or church. Even Protestants are using it, because they recognize it's the best thing out there. And there are adult versions of the program available, too. Truly, this material is life-changing.

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