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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Need your help -- if you can give it -- re: the Fr. Corapi situation

If -- and only if -- you have had personal relations/encounters with Fr. Corapi (and by personal, I mean actually know the man, have broken bread with him, conversed with him in an intimate setting and not just shaken his hand at a conference ... get the picture?), and you would like to offer any insights on him, then please contact me. I am writing a piece for a Catholic news magazine on his recent headline making news situation and I am looking for insights. ALSO, NO OFFENSE, BUT WHAT I DON'T WANT OR NEED ARE THE PERSONAL OBSERVATIONS OF PEOPLE WHO DON'T FIT THE ABOVE BILL. After all, I can get those from the combox of any blog out there, right? I want to give the fairest most accurate assessment of the situation, and since he is evidently not giving interviews (and neither are the other intimates involved in this affair), I beg your assistance.

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