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Friday, June 10, 2011

Several questions for my Green movement friends in Iran

My dear friends in the Green democracy and independence movement in Iran, I have a question. Please know it is not meant to offend you. It is based on what was made patently obvious to me when I observed your brave protests against an autocratic and repressive regime.

من يك سئوال , دوستان عزيز در اين جنبش سبز دموکراسی و استقلال در ايران. لطفا آن است که منظور این نیست که به كسى برنخوره. بر اساس آنچه واضح است که به جلب توجه من شما را مشاهده كردم كه دليرانه خودكامه اعتراض عليه رژيم حاکم است.

Here it is:

When will those in your movement realize that Islam is not incidental to the regime's autocracy, repression, and suppression of human rights and thus dignity but the very cause of it?

وقتي شما حرکت می کنند در درك اتفاقي نيست که اسلام به اين رژيم استبداد و سركوب, و سركوب حقوق بشر و به اين ترتيب عزت اما اين باعث آن?

Again, I don't want to offend or hurt, but I'm afraid -- know -- I definitely will. Still, I would rather take that chance than to stay silent and see you remain in misery. Khomeini, Khameini, Rafjsanjani, Ahmedinajad, Khatami ... change the person, it will not matter. Your dignity will continue to be crushed, your hopes and dreams thwarted, your spirits trampled upon, because these men ... and whoever succeeds them, Moussavi included ... operate from a worldview, a paradigm based on a theology that cannot see or allow any other way.

بار ديگر, من نمی خواهم به كسى برنخوره يا درد ندارد, اما من مى ترسم میدانید من قطعا خواهد شد. هنوز, من ترجيح ميدهم آنرا خاموش بمانند تا فرصت مى بينيد و بدبختي به جا مانده است. خميني (ره), ‌ khameini, ‌ rafjsanjani, ‌ ahmedinajad, خاتمي بود.. تغيير اين شخص, بلكه موضوع.

Don't believe me. Rather, simply ask yourself this question: When has their ever been a stable, democratic Islamic government that upheld the dignity of the human person?

من اعتقاد ندارم. نه, به سادگی از خودتان اين سوال: آیا آنها که وقتی یک نظام باثبات و مردم سالار كه حكومت اسلامي از حمايت از منزلت انساني.

Again, my friends, I apologize for possibly offending you. Look past the hurt, however, and ask yourselves: What is the answer to both of the questions posed here, especially the last one? And what countries have upheld the dignity of the human person, and what been has the primary religious influence on these nations?

بار ديگر, دوستان, پوزش مي‌خواهم زيرا شايد رنجاندن تو. نگاهی به گذشته درد دارد, اما, و از خودتان: آنچه که در پاسخ به اين سوال مطرح است, به ويژه در سال گذشته است? و آنچه که از وقار فرد انساني, و چه مذهبي اوليه است که در اين كشورها نفوذ?

Seize the moment to do something great. Return Persia, Iran to her exalted status, a status that has not been hers for over 1,300 years. How much longer will you wait? Now is the time!

از اين لحظه به كاري بزرگ شد. بازگشت ايران, ايران به جايگاه والاي او, که يک جايگاه تحلق به مدت بيش از 1300 سال است. چقدر ديگر صبر كنيد? حالا وقت آن است!

I used this website for translation. من اين سايت براي ترجمه كرد.

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