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Monday, June 6, 2011

Lessons learned from the Rep. Weiner scandal

My friend Jon Samsel does another great job on analyzing social media in light of the Rep. Weiner scandal:

From my POV,  to read the Facebook convo he has where he reinforces a Jewish sexual stereotype ... boy. If I was Mrs. Weiner, I'd be livid. But here's why I love this scandal: It proves we still want our leaders to be men and women of virtue. Despite how we supposedly "turned a corner" and became "more enlightened" on this sort of thing in the wake of the Clinton scandal, it shows we still want our leaders to emulate the ideal, both in public and in private. Otherwise, who would give a rat's keester about someone's private, consensual life? In a strange, almost obscene way, it gives me hope for this quickly degenerating country of ours that we can turn things around. Because if we care about what our leaders do, it shows we still have standards, no matter how threadbare.

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