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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Diary 8 et le fin.

We were praying the family Rosary on Monday night and at 8:40 p.m., the power went out.

My wife had suggested everyone sleep downstairs. She had a concern that a tree would crash on the house and crush one and all. She was right, of course: Sleeping in the great room would have been more secure, but I wanted to sleep in my own bed. However, by the time bedtime rolled around (amazingly how quickly that happened for the kids without their being able to watch TV), mia sposa had moved everyone back upstairs. With the exception of the better half, everyone slept like a baby.

Then around 11:54 a.m., as my oldest son was stoking the fire in the great room's stove, the power returned. Both of us actually said, "Darn." We were getting used to living like this and enjoying the peace and quiet that not having electricity brings. I was about to suggest breaking out a board game or two (unheard of, let me assure you).

Electricity brought with it running water, desires for baths, desires to cook things on a normal stove, and the desire to just plain get back to the way things were prior to 8:40 the night before.

Our damage hasn't been as bad as those closer to the coast. Still, we do have a few road closures nearby. Then again, what are road closures compared to utter destruction and lack of power for up to two weeks.


The whole process made me see how close we are to living like a Third World country. For 12+ hours, we lived without lights, heat (except that which came from the wood burning stove), and water. We were well stocked on all fronts, including propane, makeshift toilet facilities and such. Nonetheless, we weren't much better off than someone in the upper poverty level, lower middle class from somewhere in Latin America or Africa, etc.

The important thing, however, is that we were all together. We were dry. We were reasonably warm. We had food and water, and we were healthy. Nothing bad happened to us. No huge branches crushed or even hit our cars/house/etc. No broken windows. No evacuations. No nothing. We really are so blessed.

Deo gratias.

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