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Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Diary 1

It's my first hurricane. I've experienced and lived through several earthquake, the same with tornadoes. Thanks be to God, I've never experienced any ill effects from either.

Tornadoes are awesome, in the traditional sense of being awe inspiring. Earthquakes can be ... no, are freaky. Yes, it's kinda fun to ride the ground like a wave. Nevertheless, going to sleep is difficult for a while, at least going to sleep without a slight (and sometimes not so slight) worry.

So I've been interested to see how an hurricane unfolds. After all, you expect a hurricane. Earthquakes, tornadoes, they just happen. Sometimes you get a tornado warning, but it can just happen out of nowhere.

Hurricanes, I've learned, build slowly. Yesterday, a misting started early in the morning, followed by a slightly windy drizzle. Sometimes the wind didn't build at all. It was dead. It made me wonder if everything was just a false alarm.

Still last night, it was rainy, but it was just rain. Now the rain is heavier, the winds alternately breezy to decidedly more gusty. Let's see what this brings. News is reporting 32 miles-per-hour in Philadelphia and 41 across the river in Camden. Good sized winds.

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