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Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Diary 3

As I stepped into the shower (the last for a while if we lose power), the rain was coming down in sheets. However, it was coming straight down (i.e., not accompanied by significant winds). The center of the cell/storm/hurricane (whatever we're calling it now for our purposes here about an hour west of Philadelphia) is due to pass directly over us, and we are due to see the eye of the storm, as well. That should be in several hours.

They're posting mandatory evactuations from low-lying areas in several towns and all coastal cities.

However, they're not saying "hurricane" on the news anymore. "Very heavy rain," "this storm," "very windy," but not "hurricane."

The moment of truth will be between 8pm-1am EDT. That's when it's due to hit the shore. And before, it'd been travelling at 13 mph. Now it is moving at 18 mph. I-95 is closed going southbound, and several other major thoroughfares are closed as well. Rehobeth Beach, Delaware, where my fourth oldest and I went this summer, is seeing some wicked storm surging. Fences along the boardwalk are floating in the sea, and it wasn't supposed to reach as high as it is "yet." It was supposed to be several hours from now.

One of the old windows that the landlords didn't replace in this 1841 parsonage has already leaked. We now have a towel there to keep water out.

For the time being, however, we're dry, fed, warm, and have electricity. Deo gratias.

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