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Friday, January 3, 2014

Movie Reviews: "The Secret in Their Eyes" & "Monsoon Wedding"

Saw two movies of late, thought I'd share my thoughts on them because ... well, why not?

The first was the Argentinian The Secret in Their Eyes, 2010's Oscar winner for Best Foreign Film. I had mixed feelings about a retired judicial investigator who decides to write a novel based on one of his past rape/murder cases in which justice was first served and then thwarted. The film had great suspense, a more than engaging plot, and truly fantastic acting by the ensemble.

However, the rape scene didn't need to be so graphic. It occupies all of 2 minutes in the movie, including the crime scene investigation, but it's not something American films depict ... ever, and with good cause. Also (SPOILER ALERT), I didn't like the cavalier attitude toward adultery portrayed at the very end of the movie. It also turns a blind eye through the protagonist toward vigilanted justice (not as bad as the also-recently-watched Jack Reacher, though)

My recommendation: Partly worth seeing because of the above considerations. Stricly for adults only.

The second was Monsoon Wedding, a 2001 film I'd wanted to see for some time. I finally did, and I'm glad I finally got around to it.

The movie involves the days leading up to an arranged marriage between an Indian young man living in the US and a young lady living in Delhi with her parents, younger brother, and female cousin who is about her age.

The problem is that the fiancee is still in love with the married host of a television program. She can't quite seem to itch the scratch from him.

Several other love stories concerning the guests and others get woven in along the way, so that one's focus never gets held for too long on one subject. That's not a bad thing, necessarily.

Basically, Monsoon Wedding is an Indian Tyler Perry movie. It has a lot of drama, a healthy dose of comedy, it puts a soft lens on love and relationships, and the whole package is wrapped up at the end with a ribbon of a happy ending that prompts a few tears.

My recommendation: A feel good comedy worth seeing if you're not someone who hates that type of film. Not recommended for children because of various adult situations, most especially (but not limited to) a subplot involving child molestation.

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