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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Helpful hint

Ever have stale bread, the kind that has grown so hard, you could probably register it as a weapon? At the very least, chewing it is like chewing leather.

I think we all have had this experience. What can you do with stale bread? Use it to make stuffing? Throw it to the birds? Feed to farm animals? Throw it, heaven forebear, in the trash?

Actually, no. You can actually make it not quite like new but reasonably edible. Here's what you do:

Take a glass -- shot container, drinking glass, small bottle -- and put about an ounce of water in it. Then put it and your bread in a microwave. Put the bread in for roughly 40 seconds, turning over about half-way through. When the buzzer rings, you'll have soft bread that you can easily eat.

This works best if you put your microwave setting on "Bread Defrost" (assuming your machine has such).

Good luck and good eating!

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