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Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Pope Francis Revolution

Pope Francis is going to bring about a revolution (or at least he's going to try to).

How? Look at the common thread that pierces all of his talks thus far. It is that the Church should be exceedingly present in the world so as to make Christ ever more present to people in the world. If I may be so presumptuous as to paraphrase him, by being Christ to those who are in turn Christ in a distressing disguise, as Bl. Mother Teresa would have put it, we will attract more people to Christ.

This is the renewal which is the most urgently needed by the Church, a renewal in the hearts of her faithful. We say each person in the Church is a member (as in, a part -- by analogy, a finger, an organ, a toe, a bone, etc.) of the Body of Christ, and that as we act, we affect this sacred Body. Well, instead of using that visual image to only impact our staying away from sin, the Pope is telling us to use it to build up the Body of Christ, to strengthen its presence in the world.

Imagine the possibilities. Think of what would happen if each of us did something unique and special in order to make this happen.

Keep your eyes open for the Franciscan Revolution.

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