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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bl. Miguel Pro and Liberation Theology: Kindred souls?

Patrick Madrid has this excellent post on his website about Bl. Miguel Pro. In response to a question in the combox about whether Bl. Miguel Pro was aligned with Liberation Theology, a heretical movement within the Church, I wrote the following:
"Liberation Theology" as such didn't develop until at least 30 years after Bl. Miguel Pro's death. The term wasn't even coined until 1971. Bl. Miguel's concern was for the poor and oppressed, especially the religiously oppressed (which was just about every faithful Catholic at the time). In other words, he was simply a good priest. The LT movement may have adopted him as a patron of sorts, but to me, that's simply expedient and convenient. It allows them to pretend at a veneer of orthodox respectability by claiming as their own one who probably never would have acceded to their bad theology, disobedience, and dissent. Am I wrong? I'm open to being corrected if so.
If you want to learn more about Bl. Miguel Pro, be sure to get the small, easy-to-read biography from TAN, titled, imaginatively enough, Blessed Miguel Pro. There's also his bio and that of another Cristero martyr, Bl. Jose Luis Sanchez del Rio in 39 New Saints You Should Know.

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