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Monday, August 26, 2013

It was never about equality

Must reading, this article. I argued the same thing in a piece I wrote about same sex unions during this century. The so-called homosexual rights movement is not about "equality" and never was.

Instead, its goal is nothing less than a fundamental change in our understanding of marriage, monogamy, family, everything. It's going to get much worse and much scarier. All thanks to the New Fundamentalists and their concept of tolerance (which is, really, the height of intolerance). God help and save us all.

You may think is melodramatic, but look what's been happening: People losing their jobs, being kicked out of Master's programs, being sued, being fined, and all because they hold positions that were perfectly mainstream 10-15 years ago. They have declared themselves at war with us, and they have raised the red flag: No quarter given. Have you noticed that any more, when someone opposes so-called "marriage equality," the response isn't a thoughtful give and take? Instead, their intellectual adversary is a homophobe. That person is akin to a Nazi, a racist. In other words, they've started resorting to ad hominems as the response to opposition. It's the first step toward real (rather than bogeyman) fascism. Liberalism uber alles.

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