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Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Feast of St. Gregory Barbarigo of Padua

            “St. Gregory (see below for picture) was born at Venice on September 16, 1625. Desiring to give him experience of diplomatic negotiations, his father obtained for him a post with a Venetian legation (what we would call special envoys or special ambassadors) that went to Münster, Germany, to draw up the Treaty of Westphalia (see here: There Providence awaited him in the person of the papal legate Fabio Cardinal Chigi, who became his friend and gave him spiritual advice.
            “On his return to Venice, haunted by the thought of giving himself to God, he once more applied to his spiritual director, who helped him discern his vocation really was to the priesthood and not to married life. Shortly after his ordination, in 1657, Pope Alexander VII (1655-57) consecrated him bishop of Bergamo. Three years later, he created him cardinal and in 1664 transferred him to the see of Padua.
            “At Padua, as at Bergamo, the holy bishop showed himself as a very model of pastors, imbued with watchful zeal and boldness of initiative. He took special care in carrying out the reforms ordered by the Council of Trent (1545-63), of the seminaries, watching over the studies and conduct of the future priests, etc.
“In many ways he was a man before his times. For instance, he made use of lay catechists, and his ecumenical concern was shown by the foundation of a chair in eastern languages and in setting up a printing press with all the necessary characters for producing work in these languages.
“After a life filled with apostolic labours, of untiring generosity, deep humility, and great piety, he died at Padua on June 18, 1697. He was beatified in 1761. Bl. John XXIII canonized him on May 26, 1960.” 

~ St. Andrew Daily Missal (Bruges: Biblica, 1962)

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