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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sad that more people don't know this

“L’obbedienza non è un atto di costrizione, ma un abbandonarsi all’oceano della bontà di Dio." ("Obedience is not an act of coercion, it is letting go, surrendering oneself to the ocean of the goodness of God.") —Pope Benedict XVI, at his Wednesday General Audience in Rome today, December 5, 2012. Thanks to Robert Moynihan at Inside the Vatican for bringing this non-published remark to our attention. It's so true.

And I would add, his translation of the word costrizione I originally read as "constriction." In other words, God doesn't constrict so much or coerce: He gives. He gives up so much more for us than we can ever do for Him. He always has, He always will.

Let go, let God. Once you get past your initial reluctance, you'll be glad you did.

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