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Thursday, November 29, 2012

What if we could abort homosexuals?


I posted this on my page last night, and an old friend from high school who practices the homosexual lifestyle opined thusly:

Hey guess what??? I just pulled up planned parnthood's home page and they actually do offer help and information about planning to have children........golly.........that add is full of crap.
Whenever my friend does this to me, it's like throwing bloody, raw meat to a ravenous lion or putting out a red cape before an angry bull. I charge at it, as you'll see below. Therefore, I'm sharing this because a) I hope the arguments I use will prove useful to others and b) I think it shows the sophistry and lack of reasoning so endemic in our sundry debates. For, just like I do with his responses, my friend always takes the bait whenever I post something on abortion (odd, since short of conversion to the Courage model, he'll never have to worry about it). And whenever he does, he takes such a simplistic, uncritically liberal view of things that, I hate to say it, I cannot help but cringe in frustration. Ergo, my response:

X, we must make distinctions. It's the key to being a good philosopher. Otherwise, we're just people spouting opinions.

If what you wrote were the case, I would have not posted this. (Indeed, I looked at this with some care to make sure that this is not what the tag is saying.)

However, there's a difference between planning out a pregnancy ... although I doubt they know much about the Creighton Method and ovulation cycles, which help pinpoint when pregnancy is most likely to occur ... and helping someone plan for being a parent. As in, "What do I do with this baby once I get her/him home?"

Planned Parenthood's primary drop down menu has information on their locations, abortion (parenthood prevention), birth control (parenthood prevention), body image, general health care, men's sex health, the MAP (parenthood prevention), pregnancy, relationships, sex & sexuality, sexual orientation & gender, STDs, and women's health.

Understandably, there is nothing about parenting under "Get Involved" or "About Us." Under their "Tools for Parents" section, there's plenty about talking to one's children about sex. Although I didn't read it, I was pleased to see the article about delaying sex.

We'll leave aside the fact that these sex talk articles were all written from an atheistic perspective. We'll also leave aside that the first image you see once you pull up the home page is an article about the wonders of IUD ... which prevents the implentation of a fertilized ovum, i.e., a fetus, i.e., a baby, i.e., a human person who was fully human and distinct from its mother and is therefore *not* a part of its mother, any more than you and I are now or ever were (after all, a baby can't help where it starts off life; that's just biology).

But what about what to do once you get the baby home? Or what to be thinking about from a non-health care perspective while your unborn child is gestating? Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

So the offending image is not "full of crap." In this respect -- as I understood it from the get go and found it to be a wry comment that might make people think -- I found it worth sharing.

And since we're on the subject, let's not forget that the whole reason for PP's founding is inextricably linked with the murder of unborn persons, usually of color (according to government statistics). It's not for nothing that they're the largest abortion provider in the nation. Indeed, without abortion, as they have implicitly admitted, PP couldn't stay in business. It's an incontravertible fact that they have pressured their branch managers in recent years to increase the number of abortions performed at their clinics.

And abortion is simply murder by a less offensive name. While it might make one squeamish to say so, while it's nasty to think about, while it's unpleasant to have to discuss, this is an incontravertible medical, biological, scientific fact. It is the extinction of human life. Unborn human life, but an human life, nonetheless (as if born or unborn should make a difference). And how anyone can condone the murder of even one such innocent, can shrug their shoulders and say, "Oh, well. Too f---ing bad for the little brat," frankly not only shows a degree of callowness on the part of such people, but it sells short the very women whom they purport to support. Women deserve better than abortion, and it's to the detriment and shame of our society that we settle for this.

BTW, I know how to get the entire homosexual rights movement behind the pro-life message: Find the gay gene. Then watch the number of abortions rise for babies conceived with that gene, just like 90% of Downs' babies are aborted in the US. What would have happened, X, if your parents, given the times, had decided to abort you because you had that gene (and recall that abortion was legal in CA before it was nationally)? This conversation would not have happened. If that doesn't put what is implicitly at the heart of this conversation in perspective, I don't know what does.

Said it before, saying it again, will forevermore say it: I love you, X. I always have and always will. You're a fantastic person, and arguing with you keeps me on my toes. Thank you! Make it a fantastic Thursday.

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