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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Your single, it's Lent ... what to do?

I spoke with a friend yesterday, and she got to telling me about this new book for Catholic singles, and how it's really affecting and powerful. Based solely on her recommendation, I'm going to get a copy, a) because I trust her that much, but b) because it sounds really intriguing, even though I haven't been single for 15 years.

Published by, a Catholic online dating service, The Catholic Playbook: Lenten Reflections for Singles features 40 daily meditations for Lent written by the website’s members. In their stories, these singles reportedly examine the occasionally humorous frustrations and even rewards of unmarried life as refracted through the prism of this penitential season. Evidently, while it's often challenging and even sobering, each unique story ultimately has the same theme, which is hope.

I think the book's worth supporting because there is just this amazing dearth of great books for single Catholics. We want and need this book to be successful. Now, granted, there are some very good reasons that parish and dioceses almost exclusively focus their pastoral resources toward families and their formation.

That said, the United States has 27 million single Catholics. Isn't it about time someone got on the ball and got something for these folks to use? Huzzah,, huzzah, indeed (FYI: Huzzah's like "Hip-hip-hooray").

Another thing, with declining marriage rates, it's not like the number of Catholic singles is going to shrink, you know? So the Church needs fresh, effective resources to minister to this important and growing demographic. Growing demographic. Huh. It's a tragically underserved group.

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