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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oh, Canada.

It's hard to think of Canada as different from us. They speak the same language, have largely the same culture, and they're a democracy just like us.

And yet how different. An evangelical TV preacher said something about the radical homosexual agenda (hey, compared to where the culture was even 5-10 years ago, what they're pushing for is radical). Now he's being threatened with removal from the airwaves. I guess there's no freedom of speech or religion, at least judging by our standards. What he said was intemperate. Even as someone who is a traditional Catholic Christian, I do not think they want such curriculum changes to "make" kids homosexuals. But will such curriculum changes make them more blase about homosexual genital activity and unaware of how morally problematic such activity is? Yes, without a doubt. Will it make them more susceptible to experimentation as young adults? Yes, and that has ramifications for their everlasting souls. And just because he intemperately overstated the case (sometimes, sigh, we're our own worst enemies) doesn't mean he's not correct with his objections over the advertizing that was so sick as to beggar description. Where are the fines for those people? People say stupid, intemperate stuff all the time. Just read the com boxes on any post at Hufpost or Vile, disgusting stuff. No one in Canada's trying to restrict access to those, last time I heard.

The truly frightening thing is that some want to move the US in this same direction of censorship. How long until they're successful?

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